Interesting Ways of How to Use Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts have evolved to be one of the most fun filled features from Google+. If you have a working webcam and a microphone, you can “Hangout” with 9 buddies on Google+. Naturally, it can get uncomfortable when you don’t have anything to say. However, this setback can be mitigated if you know how to use Google Hangouts!

Teach Through Google Hangouts

Host a Google+ hangout session and become a teacher. Conversely, the sky’s the limit on what, how and when you can tutor. Since the mode is visual, you can tutor anything and everything! From music to language to dance, you can share a wide range of topics.

Meditate & Do Yoga

Over the past few years, Google+ Community Manager Natalie Villalobos has identified ways by which hangouts can be used to introduced group meditation and yoga sessions. Though meditation is a solitary quest, it would be fun to have others in your spiritual journey.

Host Concerts

Singer Daria Musk hosted a mini-concert on July 16, 2011. Unluckily, I was not able to see it. However, Musk created a Hangouts map for enthusiastic members. Through this hangout session, I was able to catch on with her new concerts.

Learn A Foreign Language

Google+ Engineer Naomi Black is working hard to aid members who use sign language According to Black, Hangout is an ideal platform to learn new languages. Often, language learning gets trapped in tapes. If you know how to use Google Hangouts, you can be an active participant and exchange information of different types.

Host Interesting Press Conferences and Shows!

Recently, the London Based International Tibet Network Conference was hosted in Google+ Hangouts. The session invited many experts and journalists. The conference was put together to talk about various issues that affect Tibetans! Apart from twitter posts and Skype chats, the Hangout was extremely successful!

Conduct real time Job Interviews

Conventionally, job interviews are lengthy and can be an annoying experience for the interviewee and interviewer. However, you can alleviate the nervousness with a hangout session. As potential interviewers, you can request other colleagues to join the hangout and ask relevant questions. Google+ Hangouts will make your interview experience pleasant and amusing!

Provide Real time Customer Service

Recently, the chairman of Dell requested his followers to connect with the company’s sales team through hangouts. Unbelievably, ardent users resounded a loud “YES!” According to Dell, Hangouts is a great way to enhance client involvement. This is because you will have many possibilities. For instance, your sales team can explain and demonstrate the product openly to a customer.

A Flawless Home Surveillance System

Before you learn on how to use Google Hangouts as a home surveillance system, remember that the security system doesn’t replace conventional methods! However, you can use Hangouts to verify is a package is delivered or not! For this, you should set up a new Google Account, and add certain emails to its Google+ circle. When you want to verify your house, just begin a hangout with these members!


Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review – Why Should You Buy This Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard videos are extremely attention grabbing and are said to be 153% more effective than conventional videos in displaying brand messages to viewers. But the cost of creating these videos is too high which makes many marketers skip the lucrative opportunity of making profits with this wonderful medium. The Easy Sketch Pro 2 is a piece of whiteboard animation software which has been built by a team of three designers to specifically address this problem. This Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review evaluates this application and tries to find out why you, or any marketer for that matter, should consider buying it.

Product Performance

This whiteboard animation software performs in a very simple manner and only a few steps are involved in the creation process. All that you have to do is choose suitable images from the in-built library of the app or select some from your own collection. You can add appropriate texts, background music, voiceover and special effects to make a complete video which interests as well as entertains. The app performs smoothly and its user-friendly interface lets you drag and drop objects and edit them very easily. You can use the program to create virtually unlimited number of videos. Although this is a low-cost app, you will not find any compromise on the quality front and the videos that you create are as good as any that comes from high-end professional companies.

The whiteboard animation software lets you export your video into easy formats that are used commonly. You will be able to upload these easily onto YouTube, Google, Wisita and other video sharing websites over the web. You do not need any specialized technical knowledge or training to handle the program and will be able to understand its functionality within an hour.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The initial registration and downloading of the whiteboard animation software can be a little difficult for first time users. However, the major issue with this app is the fact that you have to pay $47 to buy it after the discount period is over. At the moment, the app is available for purchase for $27 due to an ongoing discount offer which is soon going to be over. Once it comes to an end, you have to pay the original cost. Although the app can still be a great option when you consider the unlimited number of videos you can make with it, it would have been better if the makers had kept it available for $27 which is the current price.


This Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review approves of this whiteboard animation software. As a buyer, you are unlikely to find any faults with this app and the fact that professional designers and illustrators Ian Jupp, Andrew Fox and Paul Lynch have made the app shows why it is so well-designed and compact in build and functionality. If you have been looking for low-cost whiteboard video creation options for some time now, this app can be the perfect solution for your marketing requirements.

Say ‘NO’ to slideshow creators and say ‘YES’ to Video Maker Software

We all are aware of the ‘Slideshow Creator’ tools available online and also, have seen how effective they are in the current era. If you too are bored of the old slideshow creator technology and want to try something exciting to reach out to people, then try video creation software.

As the name suggests, video maker software are software that helps you in creating videos. There are many online video creating tools and software available, but the most exciting as per the reviews, features, and user’s verdicts, is videomakerfx.

What is Videomakerfx?

Videomakerfx has been quite famous on internet since its launch in May 2014. This software is equipped with amazing features using which one can make promotional and sales videos, character explaining videos, whiteboard videos and even experience sharing videos. Videomakerfx is released by Peter Roszak, an expert on Software and designs. Videomakerfx review suggests that its popularity is growing day by day, and it is widely being accepted across the globe.

Features of VideoMakerFX:

Unlike other video maker software, Videomakerfx is unique and different. The factor that differentiates it from the rest is its feature. Videomakerfx is equipped with latest and most amazing features. List of few features of videomakerfx are:

  • Easy to use
  • EXPRESS Video Sales Letter that helps in making video sales letter easy.
  • More customizing option
  • Over 200 animated templates and designs to choose from
  • Option to change background, change the colour around etc.
  • Option of making Character Explaining videos
  • Option of adding background music, and other effect
  • High- Definition quality videos
  • No restriction on number of videos to be made
  • Full rights of the made videos.
  • Inexpensive

Why to Use Videomakerfx?

It is a well known fact, and studies across the world have supported it, that videos have greater impact on viewers and customers. Videos engage the audience more, resulting in converting more ‘leads’ into ‘customers’. However, videos in form of slideshow of presentation slides are no more interesting and eye-catching. You need something much more interesting to engage the viewers. That is what videomakerfx provides you with.

With the help of videomakerfx, you can create a video to promote your product or service, and can express your perspective to your customers in a better way. On the other hand, your customers will find your way of approaching them, in form of an amazing video, more interesting and will get engaged to what you talk about. The result will be growth in your business, because we all know that if we can engage our customers to what we are talking about, then chances of turning them into business is increased automatically.

Who can use VideomakerFX?

Anyone who is interested in growth of their business can use this video making software. Making promotional and sales videos with Videomakerfx will make your promotion more powerful and increase your sales. As per the videomakerfx review, using this software is very easy, and mastering its use, takes few minutes. Thus, videomakerfx is so easy to use that anyone can use it, and you do not need a computer or software expert for it.

So duck your old promotional ways, and say no to the old slideshow creators. Join the modern era of video making with VideoMakerFX.

Niche Reaper Review – keyword Suggestion Tool

Online business is considered to be one of the most emerging fields to work in. However, working online is not that easy as it seems. Concept of Search engines, keywords, niches, back-links and many other factors exists, that requires hectic research and regular follow up, in order to proceed in the right direction. Well! It is true that one cannot avoid these researches and steps, but one can surely put on these hard works on a reliable keyword suggestion tool.

How Reliable Keyword research Tools are?

Keyword research tool is deemed highly reliable based on certain data. People across the globe are using keyword research tools to research keyword and select the best keyword to work on. It is very important to understand which keywords are being searched for, and which keyword can draw traffic. A tool, specially designed for this task, will easily analyze and research available keywords and will tell you their demand, or in other words, how many times that particular keyword is being searched for. This information is vital for online contents and traffic management, as it provides right direction to work on.

However, we often say that choosing the right keyword research tool is important. Though most tools are reliable, few are equipped with additional features that will provide an extra boost to your online business. One such tool is Niche Reaper.

How to use tools for Keyword research?

Most keyword research tools, like Niche Reaper, are easy to use, and are designed with an interface which is extremely user friendly. Simply, it does the entire job for you, starting from searching for the keywords and telling you about the available information on the keyword, data and statistics from competitors, to telling you about the available opportunities etc. All you need to do is, see the information, and analyze which keyword you want to work on.

Advantageous Features of Niche Reaper:

Like any other keyword research tool, Niche Reaper also provides you with complete information on keywords and niches, and also on available information and websites on those keywords. But unlike other tools, it tells you which keywords are profitable to work on. This might seem a very small and easy task but it’s not. For instance, suppose after analysing the information, you found a keyword with high traffic and low competition. You might think that a keyword which has high traffic and low competition is a profitable option. But there is still a very high probability that such keyword may not be profitable. That is because of low commercial value or lack of some commercial intent in keyword. ‘Info Keywords’ and ‘Specific Long tail Keywords’ are such examples. Only Niche Reaper will give you this information.

Apart from this, Niche Reaper finds fresh, new and best keywords which one cannot think of. It saves time and money, and performs a thorough check for which generally multiple tools are used. It also crawls authority sites like Google, WordPress, Wikipedia etc., and comes out with fresh ideas of keywords to work upon. Niche Reaper comes with all these features at a very reasonable price, and Niche reaper review suggests this tool to be of great value for money.